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Commercial Mold Remediation

Hiring a Commercial Mold Removal company can be a tough task.  That’s why is here to help you. We connect you with the most qualified commercial mold remediation experts who will work diligently until your facility is mold free and treated to prevent future spores.

Our 24/7 emergency call center will quickly assess the presence of mold and connect you with a highly rated, licensed, bonded and insured remediation company to start the mold removal process.

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Mold can be quite difficult to remove. It may also be challenging to detect, it pollutes the air, and even poses a threat to the structural integrity of your property.

Commercial properties are much more hazardous since they can disrupt your organization, make you, your staff, and your customers sick, and, of course, cost you a great deal of money.

Luckily, if you know how, it’s incredibly simple to avoid. Furthermore, it is inexpensive to do so. In this post, we discuss commercial mold remediation: tried-and-true methods for dealing with mold in commercial buildings. However, how about we first identify the various mold types?

The Various Types of Mold Often Found in Commercial Properties

Molds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the following five are the most prevalent in both household and commercial settings:

  1. Alternaria
  2. Aspergillus
  3. Cladosporium
  4. Penicillium
  5. Stachybotrys


Alternaria mold spores begin their life cycle outside but are generally transported indoors by dry summer winds.


This is a form of mold that grows more frequently indoors. The concern is that this is also a sort of toxic mold that may be extremely harmful if inhaled.


This sort of mold isn’t as toxic as the previous one, but it’s still dangerous because it’s renowned for triggering asthma episodes.


Because of its greenish or yellowish tint, this variety is the easiest to identify. They’re also dangerous to inhale in high quantities. We wouldn’t have penicillin if it weren’t for these mold spores.


Last but not least, we have Stachybotrys, also known as black mold. The worst nightmare of any property owner. This is due to the fact that this sort of mold undermines the structure of your commercial property or home and has a strange stench.

As you can see, mold that grows in residences also grows in your commercial property. Another common question we get is: what is the difference between mold and mildew?

Their differences are immediately discernible based on their look. Mold is slimy and green, whereas mildew is powdery and white. The most serious issue, though, is that mildew, unlike mold, does not cause long-term harm to a home.

Mold doesn’t care who you are. Houses, warehouses, stores, and even automobiles are all examples. You can be sure that if left to its own devices, it is going to gradually consume your possessions. Anyway, now that we’re more familiar with it, how about we figure out what causes it?

The Causes of Mold in Commercial Properties

Mold growth occurs unexpectedly and can appear anywhere. Furthermore, mold is caused mainly by moisture that is not regulated. This could be the result of a leaking roof or a faulty plumbing fitting. The mold spores can also enter from the outside via air systems (both heating and cooling devices), air vents, and other sources. Mold, as previously said, does not discriminate, but it prefers to attach to more organic objects such as paper, wood, and upholstery.

If mold spores land on any damp spots in your property, you can expect them to digest the moisture and start growing, destroying everything in their way. Hence, mold remediation is crucial the moment you detect mold growth. Hiring an expert is the best way to prevent future mold growth.

How Can You Prevent Mold in Commercial Buildings?

Mold growth can be a major pain, and it is not a situation you want to find yourself in. Therefore, you should put measures in place to prevent mold growth. However, how do you do this? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Take care of any leaks
  • Make use of a dehumidifier
  • Ensure your property has adequate ventilation
  • Take care of any flooding immediately

Take Care of Any Leaks

It is critical to address any leaks, whether they are originating from the roof or from faulty plumbing, as soon as possible. It also protects against water damage.

Make Use of a Dehumidifier

Invest in a dehumidifier. The humidity level in your facility must always be regulated and kept below 50%. We understand how difficult it may be to maintain track, therefore installing industrial dehumidifiers is your best bet.

Ensure Your Property Has Adequate Ventilation

Make sure you have enough ventilation. Keep your air filters and air vents clean, and make sure your property’s enclosed spaces are dry.

Take Care of Any Flooding Immediately

Deal with the flooding as soon as possible. Allowing stagnant water to linger for too long causes it to soak into the wooden furniture, floors, and walls.

That’s all there is to it; if you follow the advice we’ve given you, your commercial enterprise is going to be clear of mold and mildew. We recognize, however, that even with the best mold control techniques in place, these bothersome fungi can appear out of nowhere. If this occurs, please continue reading to learn how to get rid of them.

Removing Mold in Commercial Properties

We are going to give you a fast step-by-step guideline on how to get your mold problem under control, but unless you’re well-versed in commercial mold remediation, we strongly advise you to hire an expert.

  • Allow a mold air test to be conducted in your commercial property. An expert mold inspection is going to help you determine the extent of the mold problem in your business. Request that your mold removal company test other rooms as well, even if you’re certain they’re not affected.
  • Close the area off. Before commercial mold remediation can begin, the area must first be identified and sealed. This restricts the mold from growing further, as well as prevents inexperienced individuals from entering the area and causing cross-contamination.
  • Prepare your tools. To get started, you need air scrubbers, commercial air movers, industrial dehumidifiers, and other commercial mold remediation equipment. Other products, such as mold cleansers and mold disinfectants, are also useful to keep on hand.
  • Mold removal on a commercial scale. You can now begin cleaning diseased surfaces and cleaning the indoor and outdoor air in your property.
  • Make a test of your surroundings. After you’ve completed the process, you can have a trained mold inspector do another mold toxicity test to check that the area is free of mold spores that may cause future mold growth.
  • The next step is to make sure your equipment is clean. You must then go on to your equipment after you are certain that the space is clean. The majority of filters are replaceable. If yours can’t, sanitize them to prepare them for the following activity and to avoid cross-contamination once they’ve been removed from the confined compartment.
  • Keep the air pure. You may configure air filters and air moving equipment to change your air every four hours or more. As a result, your commercial area is going to be free of indoor air pollution at all times, to prevent mold problems.
  • Maintain a clean environment. Lastly, you may continue to use the mold prevention measures we’ve provided above to ensure that your space isn’t infested with mold again very soon. Mold inspection and testing should be done on a regular basis to catch the mold problem as soon as possible next time.

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten rid of the mold contamination in your commercial property.

Commercial Mold Remediation Services

Experienced crews are ready to help you get rid of any mold infestation and excess moisture your building may have as an experienced mold remediation company. These professionals can deal with a wide range of scenarios. When it comes to mold, we understand that time is of the essence. Specialists take care of your building so that everyone who enters the property can do so safely.

Mold infestations are usually caused by a leak in the property. It could be due to a variety of problems. When experts arrive to remedy the mold problem, the root cause is frequently revealed. Mold must be skillfully removed from any commercial property, regardless of how it got there and especially if it is toxic mold.

When professionals take care of a mold problem on a commercial property, you are going to notice a few things straight away, such as a reduction in allergic reactions among the individuals who work there.

Do not try to remove mold on your own. Hire a professional commercial mold removal firm to assist you; they are equipped to deal with mold and can safely resolve the issue. Furthermore, they can eliminate the mold without enabling it to spread throughout the structure. When you employ a professional, you can rest assured that the mold removal job is completed correctly the first time. Why take the chance of aggravating an already dire situation?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is worn by professionals when they arrive on the property. They’ve gone through safety training, so you can trust that they know how to handle the scenario. Many organizations also use professional equipment to clean up air ducts and HVAC systems, greatly improving air circulation.

Mold remediation companies collaborate with you to fix possible breaches as well as those that you or the experts have discovered. Preventing future mold growth also requires drying out impacted areas and monitoring the performance of your HVAC systems.

Inspection, a health and safety evaluation, and technical reports are all part of our commercial mold remediation services. Most experts can also pack and store your possessions during the restoration process, as well as clean any mold-affected areas of the commercial building.

How Much Does Commercial Mold Remediation Services Cost?

You can always try to perform the mold remediation by yourself, but if you do decide to hire a professional, you need to pay for the following:

  • Cost of Mold Inspection
  • Mold Inspection Price
  • Mold Removal Costs

The entire cost of commercial mold remediation services can range from $15 – $31 per square bart on average.

How Long Does Commercial Mold Remediation Take?

Lastly, you may be asking how long the entire mold removal procedure is going to take, particularly if it involves shutting down operations for a period of time.

This is determined by the severity of your situation and the size of the contaminated region. Don’t panic; you may get a written plan from your professional mold treatment company, which contains the prices and timelines for the complete procedure.

The Final Verdict

You are incorrect if you believe that mold exclusively grows in homes. Mold can be found in commercial buildings as well as office buildings. Fortunately, obtaining the services of professionals such as mold contractors and mold experts to remove the contamination from your property is extremely simple. Please feel free to put the precautionary steps we’ve discussed above into action as well. What are the chances? You might not even need a mold specialist if you follow these procedures.

Mold Remediation Services

Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services

When our mold removal professionals are on the job, the job is not done until all the mold is gone and all surfaces are treated to prevent future mold growth. If you suspect a mold issue in your residential or commercial building, call the experts at today.

Commercial mold remediation

What is Black Mold?

Black mold is a micro-fungus that can form from a variety of issues. Generally black mold does not pose serious health risks for most people but it is widely believed to be dangerous for the very young, the very old, and for those who have existing conditions that may weaken one’s immune system.

Certified Mold Removal Services

Certified Mold Remediation

A certified mold removal expert will efficiently diagnose your home or business determining the nature and severity of mold infection. Through the use of best practices and the latest technologies, our company of experts will fix the problem and make your home or business mold free and like new again.

Commercial Mold Removal

Commercial Mold Removal

If your business or commercial business is infected with mold issues, call today. We will connect you with a company of experts who will immediately start the process of evaluation and repair. Our commercial mold removal companys don’t mess around! Before you know it, the issue will be resolved and you can rest easy knowing you and your company or your tenants are in a safe and clean environment.

Residential Mold Removal

Residential Mold Removal

Your home is the most important place on earth. If you suspect it is infected with mold and need a residential mold removal company, call us immediately. We will see to it that your family is safe and damages are mitigated. Our experts will not only remove the mold and its odors, we will treat surfaces ensuring it will not come back any time soon.

Basement Mold Removal

Basement Mold Removal

Basements are a huge problem when it comes to mold infections. Basements tend to be damp and if not looked after properly, your basement can be fertile ground for mold growth. If the see signs of basement mold, call us right away. Our basement mold removal experts will mitigate the damage and ensure your family has a clean and safe place to live for years to come.

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Mold Removal FAQ

Who pays for mold remediation?

If the mold is a direct result from water damage that your insurance company covers, generally the policy will cover it. That said, all policies are different so the only right answer will come directly from your home owner’s policy agent.

What happens during the mold remediation process?

Mold remediation is the process of identifying, removing, cleaning, disinfecting, and treating surfaces for mold and the prevention of future growth.

Do dehumidifiers get rid of mold?

NO! They can help mitigate spread and if used early enough, may even cause the mold to go dormant.

How long does it take to dry out a water damaged home?

This depends on a few factors such as humidity, amount of water to remove etc. After the water damage source has been repaired, your walls can totally dry out after three to five days if the conditions are right.