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Hiring the best El Paso mold removal company should be an easy and positive experience.  That’s why MoldRemediation.io is here to help you. 

Our 24/7 mold remediation support center will quickly assess the presence of mold and connect you with a highly rated, licensed, bonded and insured El Paso mold remediation company to ensure your home or business is mold free.

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Best Mold Remediation El Paso

Mold Remediation Services in El Paso, TX

Mold problems in El Paso are not uncommon.  We understand what home owners and businesses face when in need of thorough mold remediation.  Our experienced El Paso mold remediation experts will quickly remove any and all mold, while also help preventing costly and time-consuming mold remediation.

Certified mold remediation companies El Paso

Certified Mold Removal Companies

Mold Remediation only partners with certified mold remediation professionals in the El Paso, TX area.  By calling Mold Remediation, you can rest assured that we’ll connect you with the best mold removal companies near you to clean your property. By doing so, we guarantee the best mold removal and prevention for El Paso businesses and homes.

Commercial mold remediation El Paso

Commercial Mold Remediation

Any property in need of certified commercial mold remediation:

  • El Paso Restaurants
  • Commercial property managers
  • Property maintenance
  • Hotels, schools and churches
  • Developers and builders
  • air duct mold removal
El Paso home mold remediation

Home Mold Remediation

El Paso home mold issues should not be ignored. Specific types of mold may pose significant health risks if allowed to spread. Mold Remediation companies ensure a residential mold removal process that is safe, efficient, and designed to cause minimal disturbance for your home and family. If you think you may have a mold problem, please contact Mold Remediation today.

Black mold remediation El Paso

Black Mold Treatment

Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum or S. atra, can be extremely harmful and is not always visible. Just like all other types of mold, black mold needs moisture to grow. Our partners specialize in remediating black mold in basements, attics, crawlspaces, drywall, wallpaper and more. Think your El Paso property may have black mold spores? Call us today!

Mold cleanup and control El Paso

Mold Control

Our El Paso mold removal experts take a health conscious approach to cleaning and controlling mold. Be sure to ask about the non-toxic cleaning solutions available to address your mold problem. By focusing on the affected areas we can prevent mold spores from growing. At Mold Remediation, our number one priority is to provide customers with a happy, healthy and safe solution.

El Paso basement mold remediation

Basement Mold Remediation

Basements are an area of El Paso homes that often require mold remediation. This is a result of moisture permeating underground, which allows mold to thrive. Basement mold remediation is almost inevitable at some point during the life of a home. MoldRemediation.io offers a trusted, safe and efficient basement mold remediation.

Mold Removal

We offer immediate mold removal in El Paso. We know how important getting your home or business back in clean condition is.

Mold Damage Cleanup

Trust the experts for high quality mold damage cleanup service in El Paso.

Mold Remediation Cost

Our fair and transparent pricing for mold remediation is a feature our El Paso clients have come to count on us for.

Immediate Damage Repair

Mold Remediation makes finding a professional mold expert in El Paso quick and easy. We get your home or business clean again!

Licensed El Paso, TX Mold Remediation Experts

Our mold remediation companies are licensed in TX for mold damage restoration, and will restore your home or commercial property to its original clean condition or better.

24/7 Emergency Mold Services in El Paso

Early morning or late at night, we have your mold remediation services covered.

Mold Specialists in El Paso

Dealing with unexpected mold damage? Call the El Paso mold removal experts at Mold Remediation today!

Mold Remediation El Paso

6 Step Mold Remediation Process in El Paso, TX

Mold remediation is the process of addressing, cleaning, removing and bringing large concentrations of mold spores in El Paso homes and businesses back to clean and normal levels. By properly addressing the causes of a mold outbreak, remediation prevents the same problem from happening again.  

Call Mold Remediation in El Paso

1. Call MoldRemediation.io

MoldRemediation.io connects homeowners and businesses with the best certified El Paso mold removal companies. MoldRemediation.io groups understand the science behind mold growth, cleanup, remediation and removal with the expertise to address any type of mold issue you may be confronted with. 

Mold inspection El Paso

2. Mold Inspection

Mold inspections and assessments are the first step of mold remediation. Properties are searched meticulously for any visible signs of mold. Air samples are also taken by El Paso remediation experts to determine the type and toxicity of the mold. These samples show what the spore count is, which is an indicating factor for level of contamination. 

Mold containment El Paso

3. Mold Containment

Securing, sealing and containing El Paso properties with mold spores prevents the spread into any other areas. There are a number of ways to contain mold. Certain containment areas include physical barriers with negative air chambers and air pressure. All fans, air conditioners and heaters are turned off to prevent mold spores from multiplying.

Air filtration El Paso

4. Air Filtration

Negative air machines with high efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA) are sealed to an opening in the containment area to allow proper ventilation and filtration. As a result, mold spores and other contaminants are unable to escape and affect other parts of your El Paso property during cleanup. Once the air filter is properly secured to the contentment area, we are ready for mold cleanup.

Mold cleanup El Paso

5. Mold Cleanup

The cleanup process involves removing the mold problem while limiting exposure. The method of cleanup depends on the extent of the problem and where the mold is growing. Level 1 mold is typically cleaned using a damp cloth or mop with a detergent solution, whereas Level 2 requires a HEPA vacuum to be used on all surfaces prior to cleaning with a damp cloth or mop with detergent. The mold and residue is then disposed of using a double-bag and tie closed. 

El Paso basement mold remediation

6. Sanitization

Once mold remediation in your El Paso home or business is complete, the sanitization process begins.  Sanitization involves natural and environmentally friendly techniques to clean the indoor air quality back to normal levels, while also deodorizing materials and belongings. MoldRemediation.io recommends providing natural and holistic solutions during sanitation.

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El Paso, TX Mold Remediation FAQ

There’s a lot to consider when searching for reputable and reliable mold remediation group in El Paso. For specific questions regarding your unique circumstances please call our mold experts now at (877) 349-1231.

What does mold remediation in my El Paso property entail?

Mold remediation in El Paso involves the general removal, disinfection, and overall cleansing of mold-infected structures. The process entails the use of remediation equipment and methods of complete removal for the prevention of future mold growth.

Is mold remediation in El Paso covered by insurance?

El Paso home owners insurance covers mold damage IF a “covered peril” caused it. Otherwise, the insurance company may not.

Due to the fact that all policies are different and damage may be left to interpretation by an inspector, you should refer to your agent for more insight as to what your policy covers.

How long does mold remediation in El Paso take?

Depending on the size and scope of the mold damage, remediation can take anywhere from a day to 3 weeks (sometimes more). Remember, the process eliminates mold completely and surfaces are treated so as not to allow growth in the future.

Why does my El Paso property have mold damage?

Mold growth thrives in El Paso properties where moisture and organic materials are found. Often leaky pipes, indoor humidity, and flooding can trigger growth.

How much does mold damage remediation in El Paso cost?

The cost of your remediation project will depend on the extent of damage in your El Paso property.  Please contact MoldRemediation.io today to request an accurate estimate.

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  • We don’t mess around. Our groups inspect the situation, create a plan, and get to work until your El Paso home or business is clean and safe again. 
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  • Our goal is to clean and return your El Paso home in better condition than it was before the incident.
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  • We always provide fair and transparent costs. In stressful times, the last thing you need are more surprises.

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